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Last updated: 24.April.2024
Depictions of synesthetes in literature and visual media
In television and film

Alphas – the character Rachel Pirzad.

Criminal Minds – season 8, episode 9, “Magnificent Light”; the character Carl Finster.

The Gifted – the character Irin "Claire" Jaratpun.

Heroes – the character Emma Coolidge, introduced season 4.

House – Season 4, episode 2, “The Right Stuff”; the character Captain Greta Cooper.

The Librarians – the character Cassandra Cillian.

The Listener – Season 2, episode 4, “The Brothers Volkov”; the Street Musician.

True Detective – season 1; the character Detective Rustin "Rust" Cohle.

X Company – the character Alfred Graves.

Ratatouille – Rémy