Sean A. Day
I have three types of synesthesiae: The sounds of musical instruments will sometimes make me see certain colors, about a yard in front of me, each color specific and consistent with the particular instrument playing; a piano, for example, produces a sky-blue cloud in front of me, and a tenor saxophone produces an image of electric purple neon lights. I also have had colored taste and smell sensations; for example, the taste of espresso coffee can make me see a pool of dark green oily fluid about two feet away from me. 

I also compose music in my spare, hobby-time. I synesthetically "see" colors corresponding to musical timbres; each instrument has its specific color .

One of my compositions, Absence, is a duet for flute and cello. Flutes synesthetically are off-white, with shadings of blue and silvery flashes; cellos are dark cherry wood with green flecks. Absence depicts two lovers, separated by long distance, talking to each other (or writing to each other), living on hope that, one day, they might once again be together.

Another, recent piece, is a quick little exercise influenced by J. S. Bach,  titled "Prelude".

I have also just written versions of piece I composed more than 30 years ago, titled "Invention".
I am currently working on Rainbow Suite, a suite of 10 movements, each depicting a color:
Movement 3: Brown (clichés and coffee).

Movement 6: White (a music box playing on a snowy winter’s evening).

Movement 7: Green (a tree grows from seed to fullness, putting forth different branches and fruit).
The Coffee Klatch